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An electric bike able to make a real revolution - in design, technology and performance.


The electric bike

Developed from a holistic design philosophy and inspired from the automotive industry, all the main parts are perfectly integrated in the bike: The patented inside frame battery (500Wh – 14A – 36V), the German mid-engine, the handlebar and stem, the cockpit and the cables are all integrated and hidden in the complete design. The advantage of a high level of integration of all components is both an aesthetic smooth design and improvement of functionality. The integration of cables, battery and motor not only creates a better weight distribution and balance and a more comfortable and performing ride for the individual. The bike is equipped with electronic shifters to improve riding experience. The clean belt drive transmission warranties a silent drive and no maintenance. The battery is easy to remove for recharge. The bike is mostly made of carbon in order to keep the weight on 17,9 kg. The carbon frame is realized with an innovative technology called autoclave carbon. The advantage of lightness creates an experience of a more maneuverable and more performing bike.


The history of Pininfarina

A world leading design house established in 1930 in Turin, Italy. The design of Pininfarina  is reflected in that of its lines, beauty and elegance, in the ability to bring an aesthetic concept to life. The artist is the stylist whose works are also masterpieces, the expression of a talent in some cases handed down and which contributes to creating an unmistakable dream.
From the founder of the company, Pinin, to his son Sergio, to the third generation, Andrea, and today his brother Paolo with the designers who operate at the Cambiano Design Center, Pininfarina’s distinctive trait, a hallmark of Made in Italy, has wound its way through more than 86 years of history and emotions, to outline the shape of the future.